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Our Team of Providers

Cynthia Worden, DO, MS, IFMCP

Functional Medicine Osteopathic Physician

Dr. Worden is currently 

open to non-medicare patients for Functional Medicine at this time.  She will not be taking any new Medicare or Medicare Advantage patients at this time and is unable to see Medicaid (OHP) patients.  


She does NOT function as a

PCP for any patients.


To find a functional medicine provider please check 

Find a Provider search tool

To find a provider to help with

mold related illness, please check



Robert Kessler, DO

OMM/NMM specialist

Dr. Kessler’s practice has focused on osteopathic manipulative medicine for the last 10+ years and will be restricted to this into the future. He enjoys teaching students and sharing his love for treating patients with them.  


Dr. Kessler sees patients on Fridays and is currently not in network with Medicare or Medicaid plans.

Ken Meigs, DO

Osteopathic Family Physician

Primary Care Provider

Riverside Family Practice

Dr. Meigs is currently open to new patients as a primary care provider (PCP).


Note, Dr. Meigs does not do 

Functional Medicine


Pam Rathbone, WHCNP

Women's Health

Aura Integrative Health

Pam is a women's health care nurse practitioner who has been providing care for over 30 year.


Please see her website for more information about her practice. 


Aura Integrative Health



Keith Kale, DO C-OMM/NMM

Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Kale is board-certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine/Neuromuscular Medicine

Dr. Kale is currently open to new Family Medicine or Osteopathic Manipulation patients.  He is no longer accepting any new Medicare or Medicaid patients.  



Aida Sadeghi, MS, CNS

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Aida is passionate about health and wellness and uses a functional whole-person approach to create individualized care plans for patients.  Through an integrative holistic approach, Aida helps patients apply therapeutic nutrition to improve digestion, gut health, and metabolic conditions like pre-diabetes, high cholesterol.


Feel God Eats Nutrition

Cyndi Worden, DO, MSHPE, IFMCP

Dual Board Certified in Osteopathic Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Certified Practitioner, Institute for Functional Medicine

Dr. Worden received her certification in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2016. She is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians, and also the American Board of Integrative Medicine. She is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Oregon, Washington, and California.

After completing her medical training in California and returning to the Northwest, she launched her medical practice in 2007 at Creekside Family Practice, practicing integrative family medicine for 10 years. Eager to focus on Functional Medicine, Dr. Worden started Bloom Functional Medicine in 2018. Functional medicine is a practice that involves an in-depth understanding of the origin, prevention and treatment of complex chronic diseases.

As a mother of two boys, Dr. Worden has first-hand experience with the challenges many families face. She understands it can be difficult to provide healthy food for the whole family, while finding time for self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In her free time, Dr. Worden loves to spend time with family and friends, reading, skiing, kayaking, hiking, cooking and traveling.


"My vision is to be the doctor I would want for myself, my family and my closest friends. When I treat patients, I think of how I would want to be treated. I focus on prevention and early diagnosis. I view the body as an integrated and interconnected system. I know that the body has the innate capacity to heal under the right conditions. I believe that food can both heal us and harm us, and that a good diet is the foundation of good health.

I look for the root cause of illness, rather than mask symptoms with medications. I try to minimize prescription medication whenever possible, and use safer alternatives when they exist. However, prescription medications are sometimes warranted, and I will recommend them when I think they are in your best interest.

I believe that a physician-patient relationship is about partnership and collaboration, because you know your body best.

I practice what I preach. I love what I do. Most importantly, I care about you and your health." -Cynthia Worden, DO, IFMCP


Kenneth Meigs, DO

Riverside Family Practice

Dr. Meigs is a native of the northwest, having grown up on the Puget Sound. It was in high school where that he met and started dating Cindi, his wife of more than thirty-five years. After getting his undergraduate degree in Bellingham at Western Washington University, they moved to southern California to begin medical school at Western University of the Health Sciences. Residency was back north in Portland, where they had the goal to start a career, home and family. Here they have been able to feel a great pride in the raising of their three healthy young men.


Ken has been in practice in the Portland-metro area for more than twenty years as an Osteopathic Family Physician. He was the co-founder of Creekside Family Practice where Dr. Worden initially started her career. They have shared a mutual respect and are looking forward to the chance of working together again.


As an osteopath, we are taught that the body and mind are integrated. Ken’s goal is to not focus on a specific problem issue, but to treat the individual as a whole, for a more complete healing process. His additional training in Functional Medicine was a natural expansion to that base of knowledge.


As an Osteopathic Family Physician, Ken has been able to enjoy the “family aspect” of taking care of multiple generations, seeing the family dynamics and being able to know patients and their loved ones in a unique and wonderful manner. 


When not talking with patients or working on charts, Ken enjoys spending time with his family (which includes the pets), music, movies, hiking, and very often working projects around the house and yard.


Keith Kale, DO C-OMM/NMM

Keith Kale D.O. C-NMM/OMM graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1990. He moved to Portland to complete his family practice residency training in 1993 while taking classes in classical homeopathy at the Naturopathic University. He graduated from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 2000, furthering his training in homeopathy. Alongside being board-certified in family practice, Dr. Kale also became board-certified in osteopathic manipulation in 2006. 

Dr. Kale has practiced in the Portland area for 28 years and spends lots of quality time with patients, offering a comprehensive range of conventional and complementary treatment approaches. Dr. Kale emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise, which he believes are the foundation of good health. Dr. Kale takes pride in treating patients with care, addressing all aspects of individuals' mental, emotional and physical health through his practice. 

As a board-certified family physician and osteopath, Dr. Kale is committed to providing personalized care to each patient. He believes in offering treatment options based on the individual's condition, which might include conventional treatment, alternatives like supplements and classical homeopathy, or osteopathic manipulation to treat musculoskeletal pain. It is important to Dr. Kale that all patients are treated with respect and compassion. 

In his spare time, Dr. Kale snow skis, road bikes, participates in yoga classes, plays the piano, takes care of his 101-year-old mom and spends time with his daughter. 

Dr. Kale's photo.jpg

Robert Kessler, DO, FAAO, C-SPOMM, D-ABOFP

OMM/Neuromuscular Specialist

Robert Kessler D.O., FAAO, C-SPOMM, D-ABOFP graduated from the Kirksville Collee of Osteopathic Medicine in 1977. He did his post graduate training at Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital. He was in private practice in Boulder City Nevada for 32 years. During this time Dr. Kessler was a part time associate professor in the department of osteopathic manipulative medicine of the Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2004 until 2010. He then became a full time associate professor there until 2019. He is board certified in family medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Osteopathy.


Dr. Kessler was president of the Nevada Osteopathic Medical Association twice and served on its board of trustees for 25 year. He is a current member of the American Academy of Osteopathy Fellowship Committee.


Dr. Kessler’s practice has focused on osteopathic manipulative medicine for the last 10+ years and will be restricted to this into the future. He enjoys teaching students and sharing his love for treating patients with them.


In 2019 he and his wife, Deborah relocated to Portland, where all of their children and grandchildren live. They enjoy hiking, biking, gardening, reading and spending time with family.

Aida Sadeghi, CNS

Aida Sadeghi is a Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about health and wellness and uses a functional whole-person approach to create individualized care plans for patients. 


Through an integrative holistic approach, Aida helps patients apply therapeutic nutrition to improve digestion, gut health, and metabolic conditions like pre-diabetes, high cholesterol.


After completing her Master’s degree in Nutrition at American University in D.C., Aida subsequently worked to fulfill the requirements for obtaining the Certified Nutrition Specialist® credential (CNS®). This journey began from a spark in personal interest in nutrition. Having seen the impact and improvements in her own life, she wanted to follow a career path that would allow her to create meaningful relationships and support patient care. Aida’s goal is to empower patients by teaching them a self-care model that is balanced and sustainable as part of a healthy lifestyle.


When she is not talking to clients about food, Aida enjoys experimenting with food in the kitchen, dancing to salsa music and exploring through travel. 

What patients are saying.

"Dr. Worden has been my family's primary care doctor for the past 9 years. She has always been warm, caring and professional. At every visit, Dr. Worden will listen completely to my concerns and answer all of my questions. She never rushes through an appointment and is quick to respond to phone calls if I have a question or need urgent medical advice. What I appreciate the most about Dr. Worden is that she takes the time to find the root cause of symptoms or illness and then finds the best way to treat each patient. She knows that every person is unique and will work hard to make sure that every patient she sees gets the best care possible."  -J.Z.

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